SolarUp California

Working with local community leaders, organizations, dedicated local solar installers and partners SolarUp California is helping to make Southern California a true solar leader across the state and the nation.

SolarUp California isn’t simply another solar company trying to sell solar. Rather, we’re a community outreach campaign designed to bring together all community groups and organizations in an effort to buy solar and make our community a leader in solar energy.

We know there’s power in numbers.  So when more people join together and purchase solar together – the price comes down.  That’s at the core of SolarUp California – helping our friends and neighbors get the best quality solar at the best possible price.

SolarUp California is managed by SmartPower — an award winning non-profit organization. Over its 15 year history, SmartPower has proven that its on-the-ground outreach campaigns help educate residents about the benefits of solar while showing them how easy it is to actually buy it.  And when all of our friends and neighbors are going solar too, interest in solar goes up – and the costs come down.

So find out if your home is good for solar – and let’s SolarUp California!